Throughout the semester, students will have the opportunity to learn digital history method and theory. By digitizing primary sources, students will create and maintain their own websites that highlight specific aspects of the American Experience in World War II. As the course progresses,¬†I will be posting relevant materials and primary sources as they relate to the class. As these¬†historically significant primary documents demonstrate, digital history has the ability to inspire new conversations, connections, and explorations into the larger more complicated history of World War II. This website along with student websites are constructed for the purpose of integrating¬†digital history into the classroom. We are also partnered with the Strategic Air and Space Museum and working on interactive digital exhibits that will interact with their larger collections. This course website will compliment the relevant weekly themes from lecture as well as provide important links for major undergraduate and graduate research projects. This upper level course promises to be a “revolutionary” semester as we delve further into the exciting worlds of digital history and World War II.

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